Perfodeposit Single

PERFODEPOSIT is a completely secured safe allowing depositing and storing large quantities of banknotes. The user-friendly system can be controlled at any time using a dedicated web solution.

With more than 5 years experience and over 350 installed systems, 400.000 transactions, 8.000.000 Banknotes collected and 300.000.000 € processed the PERFODEPOSIT is the ideal solution to store and count cash. It avoids fraud, theft and reduces risks for the persons handling it.

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Optimum Security

The PERFODEPOSIT system comes in a robust steel box and has an electronic multipoint lock with programmable time delay.

Accessibility and Modularity

The machine can be placed directly on the fl oor or onto an optional base anchored with 4 M10-type fixing. Compact and discreet, it fi ts into confi ned spaces.

Protection of Banknotes

The removable safe can store up to 1200 banknotes and is available with an optional banknotes neutralization system.


PERFODEPOSIT is able to work with different Banknote Neutralization Systems. Today, the product is capable of working with 3si and Spinnaker solutions.

Intelligent deposit management

PERFODEPOSIT is equipped with multilingual software accessible via a touchscreen and is designed to grant specifi c authorizations to each user. An optional printing system allows keeping a receipt of transactions.

Quick insertion of Banknotes

The standard MEI reader allows depositing bundles of notes (approximately 30 banknotes) into the PERFODEPOSIT and automatically rejecting counterfeit notes.


Key Advantages of perfodeposit

  • Robust, secured and compact system.
  • Reliable counting solution that avoids fraud and theft.
  • Large storage capacity (up to 1200 notes).
  • Protection system using a cash neutralization device.
  • Traceability of cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • Accurate management of users and their access rights.
  • Easy to use interface using a touch screen.
  • 24/7 remote access to management software.
  • Remote updating of PERFODEPOSIT software.