intimus CC 16 B2000 & B4000

The gaming sector requires efficient banknote and coin management, as well as interconnection of the Cash Center intimus CC16 to prize payment modules.

The intimus CC16 Cash Center is a banknote and coin recycler that optimises cash handling at casinos, gaming and bingo halls, etc. and the management software developed by intimus

R&D interconnects the intimus CC16 Cash Center with gaming and betting equipment in the gaming room, enabling payment of prizes.

The intimus CC16 Cash Center B2000 & B4000 can recycle up to 300 bank notes in bundles, dispense up to 4000 bank notes and recycle 6000 coins.

The cash recycler center INTIMUS  CC-16 offers cash security, reliability and control in recreational areas, casinos and bingo halls

The intimus CC-16 incorporates a variety of security measures that allows maintaining the cash safe and controlled

Exterior door with 6 anchoring bolts and anti-extraction system

Electronic security lock with time delay control 

Double door 3 mm with 7 anchoring bolts, with inner box reinforced for protection of devices for stored notes

All access to the coin Hoppers are protected with lockable opening sensor

Audible alarm of 115 db.

Cash capacity


Independent hoppers with a capacity of 12.000 coins

Recycling of coins in 2 hoppers with capacity to 6.000 coins

1100 coins/min high-speed coin counter


The cash recycler center has the possibility of installing different models of notes recyclers and dispensers to configure it according to your gaming hall, beeing able to add more if needed.

The cash center has installed a second banknote loader that starts when there is a fault in the main recycler, avoiding the cash center to go out of service (Non stop).

Connections with gaming equipment

Our engineering team has developed together with the main gaming manufacturers of the sector, the interconnection between the cash center and the main gaming machines, Roulettes, multi-station, special machines, bingos, jackpots, interconnected halls, etc.

Remote control and Web services

The cash center offers the possibility of remote control  without open it.   Web services and mobile applications provide information concerning the status and operation of the cash center.