Mail Distribution Manager

Mail Distribution Manager is a software application that allows organisations to manage operations from start to finish. By recording information about every item they process it automates the process of track and trace, routing and billing to save time, cut costs and make operations more effective.

How will Mail Distribution Manager help your organisation? 

All information about every item you process is held in one place. This saves time when gathering data for billing, track and trace operations and delivery routing. It automates several otherwise time consuming processes.

MDM allows you to track and trace individual items from the minute you collect or receive them through sortation to delivery. It produces an audit trail for every one. The result is peace of mind for you and your clients.

MDM generates routes for individual delivery personnel automatically with all the necessary manifests and other documentation. It saves time manually working out routes and ensures that your staff work as efficiently as possible.

Save time when processing mail from different sources. MDM's pre-barcode capabilities allocate each customer or source of mail a unique barcode which when printed on their items it read by the sorter so there is no need to pre-sort mail from different sources.

Billing becomes a simple, centrally controlled process that can accommodate requirements such as customer and specific cost centre billing. MDM's ability to track individual items means a detailed list of what was processed, when, can appear on bills so your clients know exactly what they are paying for.

MDM brings a single centralised administration process to all your operations. You can quickly and easily add information such as new clients and route updates without having to individually update every item of hardware or database on your system. It interfaces seamlessly with all major sorting hardware.